Maple and Vine

By Jordan Harrison

Presented in collaboration with Durango Arts Center in March 2014



In the ’50s, it’s different. In the ’50s, you have to go places. You have to talk to people. In the modern world, I used to make it through half the day without talking to a single soul. I used to have it so easy. And now, looking back – I realize how lonely I was.

I’ve gotten in the habit of expecting to write rave reviews for just about anything in which Wood-Patterson and Ford are involved, but quality begets quality, and I’m happy to do so again. “Maple and Vine” is just the latest opportunity – five of them, to be exact – for a Durango audience to stay on the cutting edge of modern theater, and it’s one that should, again, not be missed.”

Ted Holteen – Durango Herald

Sarah Syverson as Katha, Wayne Lee as Ryu, Geoff Johnson as Dean, Caitlin Cannon as Ellen/Jenna, Ben Mattson as Roger/Omar

Photography by Roxane Covert

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Merely Players

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301