Live theatre is a dynamic, expensive venture.


Scenery, costumes, publicity, actor and artist salaries, royalties, rent, administrative fees, and technical elements all create financial demands, and our costs keep rising.. 


As is true in theatres across the nation, ticket prices account for only about 50% of our production costs.  The rest of our expenses must be met through private donations and grants. 


The level of theatre we can produce is directly tied to the donations we receive. Even small amounts add up and ensure that we can continue creating theatre in Durango.


We humbly ask that you consider contributing to Merely Players, a 501(c)(3) organization.  Theatre adds vitality and variety to a community, and your tax-deductible donation helps to ensure that we can continue to thrive. 


Each donor will be listed in our programs in one of these Giving groups:

DYNAMIC: $10 – $49


CREATIVE:  $100-$249

INNOVATIVE: $250-$499

VISIONARY: $500 – $999

INSPIRING:  $1000 – $4999

EXTRAORDINARY: $5000 – $9999


Thank you for your support; we literally cannot do this without you.

All performances are held at our performance venue:

Merely Underground

789 Tech Center Drive

In Durango, Colorado

We do not receive mail there.

Mailing address:

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301