The power of live theater: More than make-believe


Follow this LINK to read the 19 April 2024 article by Mona Wood-Patterson.  She explains why we work so hard to create worlds of imagination.


Behind the Merely Scenes: Designing the set for ‘Chicago’


Follow this LINK to read the 15 February 2024 article by Charles Ford.  He outlines his set design process for the upcoming musical, Chicago.


MERELY PLAYERS is the Winner for Three Broadway World Awards for 2023!

We extend our gratitude to everyone who voted for us.

Best Ensemble

Best Supporting Performer In A Play

 Best Lighting Design Of A Play Or Musical

Theater Can Bring a Community Together for a Shared Story

Click the link below to see Mona’s Durango Herald article from November 17, 2023.

Merely Players brings Shakespeare to life for modern audiences and contributes to a thriving local theatre scene in Durango. Talented actors, artists, and technicians in the local community come together to create collective art that celebrates imagination, innovation, and creativity. Merely Players has a diverse and interesting season ahead in 2023-24, kicking off with a Shakespearean classic, the Bard’s final play, The Tempest, showing from October 6th – October 15th at the Merely Underground in the Durango Tech Center. By Jessica McCallum.

We have designed our new space with a state-of-the-art ventilation system, so that you can breathe easy. We have a main ventilation system that is rated at 4 tons and have added an Energy Recovery Ventilator system, which is Energy Star rated and conditions 120 cubic feet of air per minute, expelling some of the air and intaking fresh air.  Both air streams run through the HEPA filter system, which removes 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air it filters. We also installed a UV anti-bacteria/virus unit rated to match our space. The UV light can help eliminate many types of fungi, bacteria, mold, germs, viruses, and pathogens. Additionally, we have installed an ionization unit, making it easier for dust, dander, pollen, bacteria and viruses to be filtered out of the air.

“Thy safety being the motive” – King Lear

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All performances are held at our performance venue:

Merely Underground

789 Tech Center Drive

In Durango, Colorado

We do not receive mail there.

Mailing address:

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301