Merely Players’ Studio Series is an exciting addition to our annual mainstage shows, developed with the intent of fostering local talent and providing theatre artists and community audiences with an array of theatrical experiences and opportunities. The Studio Series is designed to inspire artists who are a part of our artistic company to envision and develop their own theatrical projects, with the encouragement, mentoring, resources, and financial support of Merely Players. It provides an avenue for artists to create a production without being encumbered by time-consuming and expensive administrative elements. The Studio Series is a branch on the Merely Players tree.

What can clowns teach us about sex? Professional Actors Zachary Chiero and Tara Demmy tackle this question in their production of Clown Sex Ed. The show simultaneously displays the limitations of existing models of sex education (as offered by schools, religious institutions, parents) while offering a more inclusive, joy-based sex ed. The show prioritizes an understanding of pleasure, intimacy and sensuality through the style of the theatrical red-nose clown. In the creation of the show, Zach and Tara worked with a local sex educator, utilized resources provided by Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth’s 3Rs curriculum, and the performer’s own experiences navigating sex and intimacy. Clown Sex Ed uses clowning to dismantle dominant systems of education, calling into practice a joyful and accessible form of pleasure-based sex education.

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Content Advisory: Clown Sex Ed contains explicit discussions about sex and sexuality, conservative religious relationships to sex, and all of the cringey, uncomfortable things you learned in health class. While there is no coarse language or cursing, there are plain language descriptions of sexual acts. This show was created to give our audiences a chance to laugh at and process any number of traumatic sex education experiences they have had. While we recommend the show for ages 18 and up, younger teens are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We hope Clown Sex Ed serves as the perfect jumping off point for that conversation you’ve been wanting to have with your partner, family member or friend!

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