“There’s a land that I heard of – once in a lullaby.”

Presented at Durango Arts Center in May, 2014

Given Ford’s caliber as a designer, he has illusioned a miniature city of small people and large flowers, a moveable yellow brick road, an evil palace and the Wizard’s own mechanical lair. Throughout, Ford creates big effects with small gestures. A spooky forest comes alive with two talking trees. A pair of furry puppets held aloft by leotarded dancers evokes an army of flying monkeys. . . With such an imaginative platform, a cast of experienced and beginning players can only flourish. . . Wood-Patterson’s humor-filled direction is evident everywhere from itching jitterbugs to the illusion of a balloon lift-off.”

Judith Reynolds – Durango Herald

Amanda Curry Arcomano as Dorothy, Dallas Padoven as the Scarecrow, Stephen M. Bowers as the TinMan, Landon Newton as the Cowardly Lion, Erika Beardsley as Glinda, Shea Costa as the Wicked Witch of the West

Photography by Roxane Covert

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Merely Players

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301