By Kate Hamill

Based on the novel by Jane Austen

“If I loved you any less, I might be able to talk about it more.”

At the Old Fort Library at Hesperus, September/October 2018

Mary-Catherine McAlvany as Elinor Dashwood
Gyana B. Gomar as Marianne Dashwood
Jeff Graves as Edward Ferrars
Jason Lythgoe as John Willoughby/Gossip
Geoff Johnson as Colonel Brandon/Gossip
Mandy Gardner as Mrs. Dashwood/Gossip
Anna Klumpenhower as Margaret Dashwood/Gossip
Marc Arbeeny as Sir John Middleton/Gossip
Judy Hook and Dolores Mazurkewicz as Mrs. Jennings
Heather Rasmussen as Fanny Dashwood/Lucy Steele/Gossip
Mohriah James as Anne Steele/Gossip
Miles Batchelder as John Dashwood/Gossip
Mady Brand as Servant/Gossip

Photography by Kara Cavalca

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