The Merchant of Venice
By William Shakespeare

Tim Holt as Shylock / Meghann Baker as Portia Joseph Huntsinger as Gratiano / Erica Lange as Nerissa

The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath; it is twice blest,
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Produced at The Stage at Durango High School

“Wood-Patterson has fashioned a crisp, relevant Shakespeare for our time . . .   .[She] not only understands the play’s dynamics, her actors illuminate the fluid jocularity and sudden melancholy of late adolescence . . .Modern dress and a spectacularly simple raked stage set the stylistic contours. . . This production of “Merchant” carries the imprint of a highly creative artistic team and a young, talented and focused company.” – Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald

Jeremy Tate as Tubal / Tim Holt as Shylock

“Every aspect of the production is executed with skill and imagination.” – Dr. Hal Mansfield, Fort Lewis College

“Technical director Charles Ford has crafted a simple, dramatic, and workable set.   The most striking feature is a floor pattern that combines the Star of David with a cross which disintegrates as it cascades toward the audience.   Pop-up boxes eliminate the need for clumsy set changes, contributing to the overall crisp pace.”   – Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald

Brie Hawkins as the Duchess of Venice Matthew Morgan Bianchi as Bassanio / Amber Bracy as Solanio Davitt Armstrong as Salarino / Noel Bean as Antonio / Joseph Huntsinger as Gratiano

Merely Players

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301