Men on Boats

By Jaclyn Backhaus

“We’re on the river now, crew! There will be churning, there will be swells. Keep your bearings. Oars Up! Oars Out!””

A Grand Canyon Adventure

Our first Production at Merely Underground

October 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17 2021

Directed by Mona Wood-Patterson and Liz Gray

Set Design by Charles Ford

Light Design by Dena Poer and Charles Ford

Photography by Kara Cavalca


John Wesley Powell                        Sarah Choszczyk  

William H. Dunn                               Sharina Ramsey-Adams

John Colton Sumner                       Mohriah James       

George Young Bradley                   Siena Widen            

Old Shady                                         Jenny Fitts Reynolds, Heather Howe

Billy Hawkins                                    Rebecca Thurston

Andrew Hall                                      Selena M. Trujillo

Frank Goodman                               Sarah Ripley, Beth Miller

O.G. Howland                                  Erin Allen, Cindy Laudadio-Hill

Seneca Howland                             Mika Inouye, Cassandra Y. Owen

Chief Tsauwiat                                 Shaunibah Morfin               

Mr. Asa                                              Marc Arbeeny

Comment from an Audience Member:


“Congratulations on your fantastic new performance space! Men on Boats was a wonderful experience, the acting was top notch, the music beautifully haunting and at moments, the two combined to make me think I might have been looking up at the fantastic walls of the Grand Canyon or frantically caught in the power of the river.”


Our Preview in The Durango Herald.

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