By William Shakespeare

“Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair.””

At Durango Arts Center, February 2020

Directed by Mona Wood-Patterson
Choreography by Mary-Catherine McAlvany
Set Design by Charles Ford
Costume Design by JoAnn Nevils
Photography by Kara Cavalca

Jason Lythgoe as Macbeth; Karina Wolfe as Lady Macbeth; Stephen Bowers as Macduff; Jeff Graves as Malcolm; Wildwood Dance Project as Spirits; Peppi Sanders, Dolores Mazurkewicz, and Deborah Heath as Witches; Rebecca Gilbert as Hecate; Jill Davis as Banquo; Brian Devine as Ross; Todd Macon as Lennox; Anna Klumpenhower as Angus; Charlie Grice as Duncan; Mohriah James as Lady Macduff

Review from Los Angeles Screenwriter:
“Does absolute power corrupt? Are we doomed to play out the future if we’re told what awaits us? Shakespeare’s Scottish Play, aka MACBETH, is a story that is as timeless as it is pertinent in its warnings to all of us. Merely Players brilliantly embraces this in creating a setting full of heart and imagination that isn’t bound to one age because the themes and lessons are timeless. With a fantastic cast and the beautiful atmosphere created through creative costuming and interactive set design, the cursed play comes to life with a warning: beware one’s ambition. Yet ambition is what drives this wonderful rendering.”
– Josh Allen

What Audience Members Said About Our Production of MACBETH:
“Exhilarating!” “Exceptional.” “Every scene was a new treat for me.” “Bold and Inventive!” “Amazing! You have just blown the doors off of my preconceived expectations of what theatre can be!”

“Words cannot describe my heart, having seen Macbeth last night. I have had an incredibly difficult 6 months that has stretched me beyond where I ever thought I could go. The respite of soaking in fine art for the evening was magical- I am filled with gratitude.”

“The set design and music were genius and mesmerizing; the costumes eye-catching, thought provoking and the perfect complement to the set design.You had distinct and interesting actors, well cast and so well prepared…and I loved the addition of the dancers and the fight scenes and war choreography.On top of all this, the specificity and care in directing made Shakespeare easy and fun to access. Kudos on lots of hard work, inspiration, and accessing your creative muse!”

“Thank you for an incredible evening of theater… Durango is fortunate to have you guys making magic happen! So delightful and wicked and beautiful and well-made. The PLAYERS! The BLOCKING! The ART! Oh, my soul!”

“I so appreciate Merely Players for the creative, beautiful and engaging way you bring theater to life here in our community. And allowing folks like me to be a part of the magic. It brings joy and a sense of belonging to a collective body that enjoys bringing to life any story put before us, with the most incredible leaders around.”

“My husband and I, plus two friends, thoroughly enjoyed this last performance. The before-the-play talk helped us to understand the director’s vision of the play. I loved the addition of the dancers … adding another beautiful dimension to the play. All the actors performed amazingly. We are so lucky to have this theater group in our town.”

“My son and his friend loved it. He did not want to go (but I made him) because he is studying Macbeth in high school, and he hates it. I told him that he is losing the genius of Shakespeare in the class. He came home from the play and told me he understood what was going on even though he could not understand the old language. It came alive for him. He loved it. He said Macbeth’s soliloquy at the end was incredible. Thank you for pulling my son back to Shakespeare!”

“It was truly an amazing theater experience…right here in Durango Colorado. Keep up the good work, Merely Players!”

“Attended last night. What a cast! What great scenery, costuming, lighting, effects, directing! And I cried twice. Just see it, if you can.” ”

Photography by Kara Cavalca

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