By Duncan Macmillan

“I’m making a list of a thousand brilliant things. I’m not certain, but I think I might be a genius.”

At Hesperus Camp and at the Sunflower Theatre, November 2019

Featuring Sarah Syverson

A sample of audience comments:

“It is an amazingly brilliant thing to have a show – a script, a directing team, a performer – to enliven a story that is personal narrative and an instrument to teach us and support our community involving such difficult issues. The delivery of the story is touching, humorous, poignant, and accessible. And ultimately hopeful. It was impossible not to get excited about the list as it grew and grew. I found myself adding to it today! The experience of participating in the show as an audience member draws us into the narrative and right into the conversation in a more fully engaging and embodied experience than if we were silent listeners. We have to partner with Sarah in her story, become her ally.” – SZ

“Sarah’s tour de force employs a kind of scripted improv, conveying a dark subject matter with a light touch. Her brilliant performance speaks eloquently to the brilliance in the hearts and minds of those who most need to hear it.” – CC

“Sarah gives a heart-stirring portrayal of joy, loss, confusion, and hope; I hardly dared to blink for fear of missing what she’d do next. This show is a triumphant war cry to band together in support of every brilliant thing and every brilliant life.” – JH

Merely Players

49 Wedgewood Circle

Durango, CO  81301

email: directors@merelyplayers.org