by Donald Margulies


“There is no fact. There is no fiction. The line is blurred.”

A found space production presented at Durango Public Library, August 2016

A sampling of comments from our audiences:

“Collected Stories isn’t simply talking about words on a page collated in a book – it’s about people’s memories and experiences and who really has ownership over them. This is illustrated beautifully and heartbreakingly in the characters of Lisa and Ruth, and the blurred lines between idol worship and mentorship. Karina Wolfe and Maureen May sink into these two dynamic lead roles with ease and abandon and you’ll be glad that they did, because the immersive experience only heightens the swell of emotions that guide us all through our own similar memories of want, the need to be heard and the feeling of abandonment or remorse when you finally get what you want. Collected Stories is a must see for the Durango community.“

“ I encourage anyone who appreciates good dramatic theater to find their way to Merely Players’ production of Donald Margulies’ Pulitzer Prize nominated play “Collected Stories“. It is witty, intelligent, and thought provoking and will leave you wrestling with questions about power and friendship, ethics and artistic expression, and the inevitable passage of time. Superb performances by Maureen May and Karina Wolfe took me on an emotional journey, and the intimate staging at the Durango Public Library enhanced the experience. Thank you, Merely Players!“

“Friday night’s performance of Collected Stories by The Merely Players was incredible!!! The play itself is a well crafted look at the intimate relationship that develops between an insecure young aspiring writer and an experienced published older author. The two actors abilities to portray the mutual growth process of their friendship together is unbelievably intense as younger writer’s career is ascendent while the other’s is in decline. This drama is played out amidst the moral and ethical questions of the limits of the creative process.“

“It was incredible! So real and close to the heart, tears, laughter, tension and reminders of the importance of properly tending our gardens of life and relationship! Loved it. “

“Wow! Mona, Charles and Merely Players do it again. Intimate and majestic at the same time. Wonderfully acted, directed and produced. Such a joy to have such great theatre in Durango.“

“ Maureen & Karina rocked it. And the music was spot on. We feel so lucky to have Merely Players in this town.“

Maureen May as Ruth and Karina Wolfe as Lisa

Photography by Roxane Covert

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