JULY 2021

Over the years, Merely Players has accumulated everything that we need to run a theatre except a building. All of our equipment, props, furniture, lumber, and costumes, which have heretofore been scattered across town in various storage units, is now housed under one roof!

We are delighted that we can now rehearse without having to move props and sound equipment and costumes back and forth at every rehearsal – in a space where we don’t have to work around other schedules and restage an entire show in two weeks. We can build our shows onsite; sets don’t have to be modular so that they can be moved and reconstructed; lights can stay hung on a grid; strike means taking things down the hall instead of loading them into a moving truck and unloading them in the dark.

It’s an unexpected pandemic blessing, and we have spent the past year working hard to renovate our new venue, Merely Underground, at 789 Tech Center Drive.

With audience and performer health and safety in mind, we’ve installed state of the art ventilation, a UV anti-bacteria/virus unit, air purifiers, and an ionization unit.

Ultimately, having this space will make our work more sustainable, saving precious time and energy that we can pour into our theatrical creativity. Magic is waiting to happen.

We can’t wait to show it to you. It is Merely Wonderful.

We are Merely Home.

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